Fufong Printing Technology Co., Ltd has established in 1993 with 29 million investment, 150 employees and 4630 sq. ft. factory. We’re in charge of screen printers, pad printers and silk screen vacuum printing frames manufacturing, and we own consumptive materials of screen printer franchise of Germany, Japan and England.

General Manager Mr. Hank Pan is devoted to printing business for over 20 years. We offer professional technology experience and international ISO-9001 certificate to serve our clients with best quality.

Screen printers and pad printers of Fufong brand has started and opened domestic / international markets.
Silkpad Technology Snd Bhd was established in Malaysia.
Fufong printers’ export market has been throughout the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
In order to extend Korean market, we renewed machines offering finer and daintier appearance to satisfy foreign suppliers. Silk screen vacuum printing frames have developed as well as the same year.
Sales Department was divided into 2 divisions.
Obtained SGS ISO-9002 as an international quality certificate in January to offer our clients higher quality service.
Started making pad print, heat rotary, painting and assembly of cell phones and taking overseas OEM orders.
Set up Fufong Dongguan in Longhua and Changan in March to offer assorted service for clients who moved to China.
Set up service centers in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan and developed new screen printers.
Extended printing lines and assembling lines with dust-free rooms of Sales Department 2 to offer clients best service.
Connected and co-operated with all suppliers as a powerful team to please our clients with highly satisfaction.
Built up a painting factory of 1000-level automatic dust-free rooms, offered a succession of service to upgrade Fufong Enterprise.

Obtained franchise of Marabu-ink-Germany.
Combined penetration factory and mold factory with an international equipments to offer clients all-round service.


General Manager Mr. Hank Pan insists 4 policies which are:

  1. Pioneering printing skill.
  2. Getting printing upgraded.
  3. Offering best quality and service.
  4. Satisfying clients’ requirements.
In order to offer technical all-round service, we’ve built up 1000-level automatic dust-free rooms to paint, print and assembly processing. With international equipments, we improve manufacturing quality and service to upgrade Fufong Enterprise as well. We look forward to being a pioneer in printing industry in the world.