2009 - 11
Large heat transfer machine with vacuum have begun making

2009 - 09
  Application : PC Pancl, LCD Display Glass, Touch Panel, ITO Glass, Linght Conduot Panel/Flexibe PCB.
2006 - 12
Obtaining ISO-14001 as an international authentication
  Fufong always does the best as our spirit. Due to all of our staff’s hard work and cooperating with the commercial consultant, Fufong has been assessed by AFAQ-EAQA and complies with the Environmental Management System requirements of ISO-14001 with professional skill and operation management. We’re inspired by this honor during the global recession which proves our excellent performance again. We’ll stick by this principle as our spirit to create more impossibility.

2006 - 01
Obtaining franchise of Marabu-ink-Germany

Marabu inks of Germany are international well-known printing inks in the field since long ago. Marabu inks are used in materials of plastic metal, glassware and some particular materials. It’s according to each different kind of materials to make a series of different inks.

Marabu inks have saturated and abundant colors which are adhesive. It has past European Union’s ROHS of SGS inspection unit as well which corresponds with green environmental protection. It’s also easy to get used to character of inks. Would you consider upgrading a good stability ink to be more competitive?

2005 - 10
1000-level automatic dust-free painting factory has established
Printing is our specialty and we’re still devoted to production lines of Taiwan with state-of-the-art equipments: 1000-level automatic dust-free rooms to paint, print and assembly improving our quality, technique and management of traditional industry, though lots of factories of manufacturing industry have already moved out from Taiwan. However, we still insist offering our clients all-round service.
2005 - 09
Obtaining ISO-9001: 2000 as an international authentication
Fufong enterprise is the very first one who received ISO-9002 certificate in this industry in 2000.?Our operation is quite successful through the management mode of ISO.?And again, we received ISO-9001 certificate in 2005.? We expect to reach higher achievement with our excellent management and skill.
2004 - 06
Printing Department developing after UV printing
It used to cause lots of problems to put on UV after painting which cost much time, money and poor quality. Fufong and German inks factory co-operate and develop a new skill to improve painting’s weakness. Now we can directly print on UV layers and it won’t come off. We’ve also past the RCA test. It does improve the quality and efficiency so that we get lots of positive responses from our clients.
2002 - 03
Receiving Golden Signboard Award of Consumers of ROC

Fufong makes technical screen printers, pad printers and also offer printing service. We’ve extended our factories to increase our printing areas and improve products quality in early 2002. Our productivity has also grown up. After receiving ISO-9002 certificate, we received the 2nd Golden Signboard Award of Consumers of ROC as well.

General Manager Mr. Hank Pan insists offering excellent technology and quality as our operation principle. We connect and co-operate with all suppliers from particular printing, high technology products assembly to new printers developing, that’s all he wants to devote himself to this industry.

Fufong used to mainly rely on exporting. Our main clients are distributed in Southeast Asia, Europe and United States of America. We’ve begun to strengthen the sales and marketing of Taiwan and China which includes technological service, machines selling and material supply. We’ve established branch companies in Dongguan and Shenyang. Shanghai branch company is modeling at the moment.

Fufong is one of the members of international SGIA Screen Printing Association. We produce printing equipments such as silk screen printers, 6-color-with-26-station conveyers, screen / pad printers with automatic feeder, flat / curve hot stamping machines, etc. We also supply assorted consumptive materials such as inks, screen plates, rubber pads, raw materials, blades, ink brushes, thinners, solvents, etc. from Germany, Japan and England. We offer technological consultation and training to solve any of technological problems, as well as the branch companies of China.

2001 - 07
Motorized screen printers have begun making
For Sales Department 1, we’ve developed motorized screen printers to instead of traditional-air pressure-transmission screen printers to meet the high density of double-side and multi-layer printed circuit boards’ request. Motorized screen printers have lots of functions to make circuits and characters printing. We use THK high technology guiding track of Japan as a transmission with low noise, high accuracy, no wear and tear. They’re mostly used on flat print, lens print, soft circuit boards, electronic products, etc.
2000 - 01
Receiving SGS ISO-9002 as an international quality authentication
  Fufong has obtained SGS ISO-9002 certificate and has become a pioneer in this field while regular machine manufacturing factories and printing factories are still bargaining with clients for the quality of products.

We not only offer printer equipments, assembly service, but also own hundreds of screen / pad printers. Fufong offers transfer printing on the surface of products to meet the market’s request. Such as laptop, MP3, digital camera, PDA, lens, DVD, electronic components, appliance, lighter, toy, gift, ornament, complimentary, etc. We also established a Heat Rotary Printing Department for processing cell phone’s appearance. Our main clients include Quanta, Acer, BENQ, Mitac, PHS, Honhai, CMC, Siemens, etc.